Disabilities Awareness week

Leo Club of Brickfields Asia College is organising yet another online social media campaign but this time in order to raise awareness on various disabilities experienced by people✨Through this we hope to raise awareness about the types of disabilities people face around the world and to advance towards a society that discourages discrimination and openly celebrates diversity!Further details of our Disabilities Awareness Week below:

Date: 23rd November to 27th November

Day 1: Learning Disabilities Awareness – Leo Darshana

Day 2: Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness – Leo Jacquelynn

Day 3: Deafness Awareness – Leo Ricci

Day 4: Mental Health Awareness – Leo Zahra

Day 5: Autism & Down Syndrome – Leo Audra

Venue: Instagram & Facebook

Stay tuned for the various activities and info-graphics we have planned for this week!!

Event Details