July 9, 2020
Chess Club brings you online chess sessions on your pc. Join us every Thursday at 6:00pm to find new opponents to play with.
July 6, 2020
Futsal Club brings you FIFA 20 gaming sessions on PS4. Join us every Monday and Fridays at 5pm to prove your skill to your collegemates.
May 12, 2020
The pandemic inconvenienced many lives but at the same time People have coped with these problems in unique and innovative ways. Don’t let the MCO get the Better of You!, tell your unique coping story, and win a prize. 
May 26, 2020
Creative writing is a great way to escape reality specially during the MCO where all of us are bound to our homes with nothing much to do. The creative writing contest hosted by the Inksight Club is a great way to spend some time escaping reality while having a chance to win a fun prize. If you aren't sure about what you want to write, fret not! We have given you 3 categories for you to pick from with a little twist for each category to challenge your mind and writing skills. So choose your pick and get ready to challenge yourselves. All submissions are welcomed!
How would you define the new normal that we’re all experiencing? Boring? Dull?These might be the words that pop up in your mind when working or studying from home. But get ready, we’re redefining The New NRML with fun and...
June 29, 2020
T-shirt competition for students to send in their designs for the IACT 2020/2021 t-shirt.
More than 90% of the world’s population are stuck in a vicious cycle of routines and ritualistic formalities in the way we carry out our daily activities. Most of us have lost the zest in waking up in the morning...
These Heart Intelligence sessions attempt to contribute to that shift which can only happen if there is enough intensity and energy. The motivation behind the Heart Intelligence program is to trigger our true value and what we truly stand for...
July 13, 2020
COME AND JOIN OUR MONSTERFIT HOME WORKOUT (FULL BODY) CLASS BY ‘COACH SHAH’. You don’t need any equipment to get in a good workout—these best at-home workouts require just your body weight.
July 13, 2020
COME AND JOIN OUR MONSTERFIT BELLY DANCE CLASS BY ‘JESSY CHONG’. Belly dance, also referred to as Arabic dance is an expressionist type of dance that originated in Egypt and that emphasizes complex movements of the torso.
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