May 27, 2020
Another fun activity by Mr Kumar! πŸ˜‰ Doodling or drawing triggers creativity and solutions. Do join in on the 27th May at 6.00pm and get triggered! All you need will be a marker, pencil and papers!! See ya πŸ˜‰
May 28, 2020
Asia Law Academy’s Home Edition Masterclass is back. SM Shanmugam is bringing you Civil Procedure topics. Install/download Zoom now. You don’t want to miss this!
May 28, 2020
Come join Dr Richard Cornes as he discusses the main principles behind Evidence Law: Burden of Proof and exam tips. Don’t miss out as he will be sharing discussions based on past year questions!
May 28, 2020
Join Dr Joe Purshouse, lecturer at UEA Law School, for a revision session on criminal law, with a focus on the defences. Dr Purshouse will cover questions from both BAC and UEA past papers.
May 29, 2020
Join Martin George, Associate Professor at Leicester Law School in this guest lecture on Land Law. It will provide a fantastic taste of how Law is taught at the University of Leicester and will take place on the 29th May...
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